Hugli, West Bengal

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Vacancy: 10

Job Context:

APNI KI SAMBADIK HOTE CHAN ?? Direct requitment lat date of apply 10th May 2021 , Cont: 9339442176/8013432602

GROUND Reporter,


Media is a grooming sector now a days. Apart from Electronic and Print Media, The growth of Web Media increased the employbility option. As all of know the social reputation of a media person but we find its hard to get a position in media. The following are the basic hindrance

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Add: 2no Tarakeswar cabin rail gate Mukherjee para Near Tintala rail quarter

sheoraphuli hooghly.

Office Time : Monday to Saturday 11 am to 5 pm & Sunday 2 pm to 04 pm

Help line no : 9339442176/8013432602


Job Responsibilities :
Ground Reporter: -
After completing the tasks given to the ground reporter daily, he has to report daily to his seniors and by mail to the head office.
The first 15 days will be online training. After completion of training, a salary letter will be issued to the ground reporter, according to which Rs. 7000 / - will be given from the bonus of Rs. 7000 on completion of salary and 100% of the work given. Whose details will be written in the joining letter.
The other tasks a Ground Reporter does daily will be as follows: -
A. Taking a zoom meeting with your seniors and understanding the tasks.
B. Working 8 hours a day and sending the report to your senior and head office by mail.
C. Inserting / bringing news and advertisements as stated daily.
D. Liking, commenting and sharing more and more of our news on our YouTube / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram and web news channels daily.
Now in the reply of this mail, tell us which post / post you want to work on.
Only then you will be issued the first visiting card and a letter will be given.
When you start the work in full and make your stated team, then the same will be given to you in the Kitt as follows: -
Good quality complete mic, PRO letter, identity card (including printed lanyard), 2 stickers on car bikes, logo printed T-shirt, etc.
Immediately reply to the mail, if you do not get a reply within 24 hours, then you will be responsible for appointing someone else in your place.
Thank you


Educational and Additional Requirements :